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The Library is expected to operate efficiently and effectively, and to respond to all user requests expeditiously. With this, the Library offers the following services:

Technical Services. Technical services include the following activities:  

  • acquisition of books and other library materials for the library by purchase, gift, and exchange;
  • organizations of materials which concerns with the cataloging and classifications of materials for their easy location; and
  • conservation of library materials through binding, mending, simple repair, etc.


Internet/CD-ROM Access Services. One of the newest service offered by the Library where in library users were provided access to the sources of information in the World Wide Web, databases and other resources in digital format.  


Reference/Information Service.  This service consists of personal assistance provided to users in pursuit of information.  Library personnel are available during regular library hours to assist patrons in their search of information.


Library Orientation.  Library orientation refers to helping people aware of and comfortable with the facilities and the services available, with the location of the collections, and with the people who service those collections.


Library Instruction. Library instruction refers to the teaching of students and other users the effective use of the library.  The Library in coordination with the English teachers schedules library instruction especially  for  freshmen  students  and  transferees during the first  few weeks of classes.  Topics covered include the role of the library, the staff, library policies, procedures and rules, the organization of materials, the use of the card catalog and parts of the book.


Bibliographic Service. The library upon the request of the faculty member provides listing of books and other materials on selected areas of interest.


Audiovisual Services. The Instructional Media Center offers the following services

  • Video coverage
  • Classroom/AVR services
  •  Acquisition of audiovisual materials
  • Sound system operation
  • Conduct training on the use of audiovisual equipment
  • Resources, equipment and facilities reservation services
  • Repair and maintenance of AV resources and equipment


Indexing Service.  An index is a tool that points out where information can be found.  Important articles in books and journals are indexed.


Selective Dissemination of Information.  This type of service include the following

  • Current Awareness.  This is an on-going dissemination of information to the faculty with regard to newly acquired books and other library materials.
  • Library Reaching Out.  This service is concerned with informing faculty members of books within their fields of specialization, which are available in the library.  The faulty are invited to come to the library in their most convenient time in order to see for themselves the books being announced.

Library Display/Exhibits.  This service help make the library patrons aware of the materials available in the library and to promote their use.  Newly acquired books are put on display for a period of time before they are shelved together with other materials in the collections.


Referral Services.  A special assistance to library patrons who wants to use the resources of other libraries by issuing library permit/referral slips. 


Services to Alumni and Outsiders.  Alumni and outsiders are allowed to use the library but they cannot take out any library material(s) for home use.  Outsiders are required to present a referral letters from their school librarian or head of the agency where they work.  Alumni have also to present their alumni ID.


For functional and effective library services, each individual library is divided into different service areas or sections.